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For Soul Driven Female Entrepreneurs Ready To Smash The Launch Button..

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Launch your site

This luxury service is designed specifically for soul-driven women who are ready to launch their online presence and start selling their core services and products.

With our same day website service, you can hit the launch button and have your website up and running in just one day. No more waiting long drawn out months for a website to be crafted and launched.


We understand that time is of the essence for our busy business owners. With our expert team and streamlined process, we can create a well-crafted website that represents your brand and helps you reach new customers, all in just one day.

So Wait!  Can You Really Launch My site All In One Day?

This Year I Consistently Made 10k A Month From...

Selling 20 templates for $550 each month 

Selling on my own website for max profit

Following a core marketing strategy 

Having a similar story to my core client

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How it works...

1. Become A Member 

2. Take ownership of tempates

3. Sell your templates 

What members are saying...


Mama this is perfect for you if...

You want to make money hands free or...

Make a full-time income with very little effort

Want to start an online business as soon as today

Motherhood is main priority but you want that boss aesthetic 

Ready to showcase your creativity and style in a unique way

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View The Template catalog

What's Inside Boss Aesthetic Pack

Website Templates

Sell pre-made website templates carefully crafted by me owner of Turia Avenue.Website templates are high ticket digital products that can make you 10k a month .

Same Day Launch Guide

This guide will walk you though set up your website , uploading your templates to secondary site that makes me an extra $500 - $700 dollars each month.

Re-sell License

You will have full rights to re-sell each of my templates. Allowing you to launch an online business ass soon as today.

Copy & Paste Descriptions 

Ready to use descriptions , policy's and terms to attach to your products. This is a must have to keep your customer updated.

Ready to make passive income?

  • Pay In Full

    The best way to fast track your passive income
    • Access to six website templates
    • Re-sell license to sell templates
    • Same day launch guide
    • Copy and paste content like descriptions ,terms est...
  • Payment Plan

    The best business experience you'll be happy to pay each month
    • Access to ten website templates
    • Re-sell license to sell templates
    • Same day launch guide
    • Copy and paste content like descriptions ,terms est...

I'm Kris, The Mama
Behind The Brand

Founder of Turia Avenue & Creator Of The Website Templates That Will Change The Way You Make Money Online

 Welcome to my site! I’m Kris, a wife, mama, and web designer with seven years of experience in the industry. When my husband and I found out we where pregnant with our baby boy I knew I needed to update my business. So I took steps to allow my business to create passive income for me.Giving me the change to me to step away from the computer and enjoy my pregnancy and the wonders of motherhood.


Creating and selling pre-made templates was game changing for me and the best thing I've done for my business and how I've been able to make money. I'm super passionate about helping other women looking to create a hands free business model that gives you the life your looking to live. We are in this together mama !you can hands down make money while even changing a dirty diaper lol.

xoxo Kris

  • Can I work on template while your working on it?
    No please don't work within the template while i'm making updates. Working within the template while i'm working will not allow me to save all the changes i've made on my end. Once i'm done making updates you will be made aware so that you can view all of my changes.
  • Will my mobile view be updated?
    Yes your mobile view will be the last to be updated as making changes to the desktop view will effect how the mobile will show up. I will make updates to desktop first then ask you to view desktop to ensure we both are happy with design then I will go in and update the mobile view and save my changes.
  • What if I want more changes after my first revision?
    Your service comes with one revision (updates) if you still want things moved around and or updated within the template there is an additional fee but I would be happy to make those updates for you. The fee for a additional revision is $85 dollars per revision. This includes element movement and or content updates on a total of three pages.
  • What are your hours?
    I must say i've always got my phone and laptop glued to my hip but here are my hours. If you send me an email or DM I will most likely respond to if but if it's not within business hours and I don't respond just know I will get back to you by my business hours. Monday - Friday 12pm -4pm CST
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